Teacher jobs Frequently Asked Questions

If our other pages have not answered your questions, please browse through this section to find what you need. We have divided the FAQ's into sections so you may get straight to the questions that suit you.

Q: How long has Teacherjobs been in business?

A: We have been helping teachers find positions and schools find candidates since 1973.

Q: What types of schools do you work with?

A: We work with a variety of K-12 schools including public, charter, private, and religious in urban, suburban and rural areas.

Q: Why has Teacherjobs undergone changes recently?

A: While our former business model served the needs of our clients for many years, as hiring practices have changed, so must Teacherjobs in order to continue to serve the needs of our clients in the most effective manner.

Q: What makes Teacherjobs different from other online services?

A: Our site was designed by educational recruiters with 35 years of experience. They know what's important to schools and teachers. We are proud to provide the use of our website at no cost to all qualified U.S. schools and job seekers.

Q: Why should I use Teacherjobs?

A: Teacherjobs is a highly viewed site with thousands of visitors a day. You can instantly reach nationwide to find jobs and teachers. The site is easy to use and designed by people who care about the future of education in our country. Our FREE service can save schools thousand of recruiting dollars and direct that money towards what's really important, our kids.