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Job Title:
Career and Technical Education CONSTRUCTION TRADES

    Key Job Facts Posted: 05/19/2008
Specialty: Vocational Education/Other,Industrial Technology,Metalwork,Welding,Woodworking
Certification: CTE Certification or related experience

Salary: 35+ DOE
Location: Watkins , CO
Start Date: 06-01-08

    Job Details
Primary schedule: The Vocational Teacher works a five-day week, 9:15 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. with a one hour lunch and two fifteen minute breaks.
I. Extracurricular Assignments As assigned by Administration
II. Essential Functions:
Tracks student attendance and maintains and provides student grades (weekly and exit) for the purpose of providing documentation of student progress.
Communicates information on a frequent and consistent basis to Case Management, Unit Managers and Group Living Staff on the behavioral and vocational progress of students.
Participates in Group Meetings as assigned or as scheduled on a twice weekly basis.
Participates in weekly staff meetings, and after-hours extracurricular program events for the purpose of receiving and/or providing information and supporting the program.
Develops and implements daily lesson plans for the purpose of delivering instructional curriculum related to subject area competencies.
Delivers daily lessons following the Target Teaching format, emphasizing appropriate activities for the purpose of developing academic skills appropriate for career paths.
Develops and implements assigned classroom management strategies for the purpose of assuring a safe and secure learning environment.
Articulates curriculum, collaborating with ROP staff regularly and exchanging information for the purpose of facilitating the effective exchange of materials, ideas, and instructional strategies and implementing a team based program.
Collaborates with other staff on designing integrated activities for the purpose of supporting various career paths.
Maintains a three-day supply of emergency lesson plans that follow clinical teaching format and define student learning objectives and evaluation procedures for the purpose of ensuring instructional continuity.
Follows and supports the policies and procedures outlined in the Normative Culture program manual for the purpose of complying with the rite of passage educational guidelines.
Reports timely and accurately to case management and school office on student progress.
Delivers vocational curriculum that adheres to the clinical teaching format for the purpose of leading to industry recognized certification.
Prepares activities for the purpose of developing employable vocational technology skills.
Develops Operational procedures (i.e., shop safety, security, tool, etc.) and documents violations for the purpose of ensuring shop safety.
Evaluates student progress for the purpose of assuring student certification meets established standards of competency.
Ensures that the vocational building is maintained in a safe and orderly fashion including equipments and supplies.

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John Fry


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 28101 E. Quincy Ave




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