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Program Administrator for Middle School Transformation

    Key Job Facts Posted: 08/25/2009
Specialty: Administrative,English,Middle School,Mathematics,Middle School,Science,Middle School,Social Studies/Social Sciences,Middle School

Location: Atlanta, GA
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Atlanta Public Schools is one of the top-performing urban school systems in America. When students pass through our doors and embark upon a journey toward academic excellence, we give them the confidence, social skills and intellectual capacity required to successfully compete in college and in the global marketplace.

By focusing on student success, APS is striving to prepare every child for the future through effective and innovative teaching that meets the needs of the individual learner, while engaging families, teachers, students, and the community to fully participate in the educational process. The APS policy-making body is the nine-member Atlanta Board of Education, comprised of six district representatives and three at-large representatives, all of whom are elected. The day-to-day administration of the school district is the responsibility of the superintendent, who is appointed by the board. APS has an active enrollment of 49,300 students, attending a total of 103 schools. APS also supports two alternative schools for middle and/or high school students, two community schools, and an adult learning center. APS schools are organized into ten vertical K-12 clusters, composed of one high school and its feeder elementary and middle schools. Each of the alternative schools relates to a high school, while the community schools and adult learning center are extensions of regular high school programs. APS employs over 8,000 persons, and for the most recent fiscal year, had an operating budget in excess of $661 million.

• The Program Administrator for Middle School Transformation provides supervision, vision, leadership, and coordination of the instructional program within the middle school transformation.
• Ensures success for middle school students in a diverse, urban environment by providing leadership and support for research-based, standards-driven instructional programs in middle schools.
• Focuses on increasing student performance and meeting district goals and state
requirements using change management processes and project management

• Leads the strategic planning process for the Middle School Transformation Initiative, in collaboration with schools, School Reform Teams (SRTs), central office departments, parents and external partners. This work will result in a comprehensive plan that will serve as the guide for transforming all Atlanta Middle Schools.
• Manages the execution of the Middle School Plan, assessing the outcomes and
making decisions for next steps based on analysis of levels of implementation and
student outcomes. Continually works cross-functionally with schools, School Reform Teams (SRTs), Office of High Schools, other central office departments, and key external partners. Employ the project management methodology to ensure timely success of projects and assignments to realize objectives and goals of the districtwide Middle School Transformation Plan.
• Supports and informs the delivery of instruction in middle schools to create a learning experience that is rigorous, relevant, and engaging.
• Oversees the middle school transformation budget, adhering to all timelines and
financial reporting protocols and guild lines.
• Conducts other duties as assigned by the Executive Director of Learning Excellence.


• Seven (7) plus years of successful teaching experience working with the instructional program at the middle school level
• Seven(7) plus years of leadership experience.

• Master's Degree or above.

• Georgia Professional Certification, a level 5 (L5) or higher in Educational Leadership.

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Human Resources


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 130 Trinity Avenue, SW




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