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Math Teacher

    Key Job Facts Posted: 05/28/2010
Certification: secondary teaching certificate, endorsed in Math, 6-12

Location: Heron, MT
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    Job Details
The mathematics teacher is a member of the academic faculty. He or she delivers academic courses to the school's students and participates in other aspects of the students' lives. Responsibilities include direct service time with the students in and out of the classroom setting; preparation time for classes, student reports and evaluations; non-academic school activities, and evening shifts as scheduled. The teacher will see to a variety of expected and unexpected day-to-day needs of the students. The teacher will participate in or lead many out of classroom activities of the school which include group meetings, boundary-setting, physical education, multi-day trips, and celebration of school community events. A teacher is responsible to role model the core philosophy and values of the Monarch School on a day-to-day basis.

This position is supervised directly by the academic director or designate. Successful candidate needs to keep the academic director and program director closely advised of current activities and actions within their area of responsibility.

Teaches academic courses 12 months per year and works a flexible schedule depending on needs of the school. Primary work site is at the Monarch School. During times when work is on-campus a typical week includes 45 hours of work generally based within the classroom setting, faculty meetings and preparation time, and other school activity sites. Activities such as outdoor hikes with a pack and student activities including physical labor such as farm work, gardening, or construction work are part of the job requirement. From time-to-time off-campus trips lasting up to one week can be included as part of the work. During these times the teacher will share with other staff responsibility for providing full-time supervision for the group during all hours of the trip.

    Contact Information

Contact Person:

Jamie Jones

Academic Director

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NO calls




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 PO Box 410




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