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Job Title:
Online German Teacher- KS State Certified

    Key Job Facts Posted: 08/26/2010
Specialty: Bilingual,Foreign/World Languages,German
Certification: German K12

Salary: DOE
Location: Portland, OR
Start Date: 8/20/2010

    Job Details
Now Hiring: Online Middle School and High School German Teachers-

Are you looking for a great opportunity, a rewarding career, or the chance to make a difference? KC Distance Learning is hiring Highly Qualified Middle School and High School certified teachers to fill positions across the country. We currently have part-time positions available for qualified teachers who want to work from their home. Working at KCDL you will enjoy a flexible work environment, utilize the latest distance learning and communications technology, and, best of all, you can help students from all walks of life achieve their individual potential.

KC Distance Learning is a rapidly growing, for-profit education company that provides online learning opportunities to middle and high school students. Our markets include homeschoolers, schools and school districts in all 50 states and around the world. The teacher will play a key role in the company’s pursuit of continual progress toward supporting students with industry leading, instructionally sound, and timely education. Under the leadership of the Manager of Instruction and, specifically, the Instructional Supervisor, this role is responsible for implementing instructional practices that support student achievement, student retention, and student motivation.
This position will support the curriculum and students.
Applicant must hold appropriate licensure in listed state and in the subject area in addition to a computer with the appropriate Internet connectivity and software.

Specific Responsibilities:
The Teacher will teach courses following a proactive instructional methodology, such as:
· Contact each new student to welcome them to the course.
· Contact each new mentor to introduce yourself and provide any additional information about course requirements/expectations.
· Contact individual students who are inactive for a period of 3 or more days.
· Contact the mentor if a student is inactive for a period of 5 days or more.
· Closely monitor student progress relative to their individual course schedule.
· Monitor end dates to ensure students are staying on track in the course, and proactively contact the student and mentor if concerns arise or if an extension is recommended.
· Provide motivating, timely, and constructive feedback for student assignments.
· Provide motivating comments and constructive feedback for each assessment item.
· Evaluate all subjective assessments (homework assignments as well as subjective exam components) and assign an appropriate grade to each within three days of student submission.
· Ensure that final grades are issued in a timely manner when a student completes a course, within 5 days of when the student's last assignment was submitted or when their end date has passed.
· Communicate effectively with students and mentors at different technology skill levels to support instruction and advance educational goals.
· Hold regularly scheduled office hours each week (minimum 1 hour session each week) via Elluminate and ensure that students unable to attend these sessions have access to recorded meetings.
· Provide useful information to students to support success in each course by updating the course home/syllabus area in each course section at a minimum to ensure that it includes a complete syllabus, an explanation of course policies, grading policies, staff information, contact information, and other appropriate information needed as students take the course.
· Respond to student and mentor inquiries, questions and requests for help within one day of receipt, regardless of the medium (email, phone call, etc.)
· Demonstrate the proper and proficient distribution of announcements and updating these regularly (at least monthly) so that enrolling students feel welcomed and part of the course throughout.
· Manage and communicate effectively via the telephone, email, and the Message Center.
· Demonstrate the proper use of voice mail (if applicable).
· Manage and communicate effectively via the discussion board.
· Demonstrate the proper use of the discussion board, create forums, ensure students stay on topic, and maintain a collaborative environment.
· Demonstrate sufficient use of a Web browser and search engine to locate and evaluate technology-based educational sites that support the instruction and enhance interactivity. Demonstrate proficient distribution of websites.
· Work with other staff and faculty in a cooperative, professional atmosphere, including
· Effectively review courses on an as-needed basis to ensure accurate and current content/assessments.
· Collaborate with staff, teachers and/or course writers on an as-needed basis in order to enhance the curriculum.
· Actively monitor and participate in the Online Instruction Community forum/discussion group
· Serve as a mentor to other teachers
· Participate in faculty meetings, hardware, software and/or educational training sessions as scheduled.
· Provide at least two weeks notice before taking any vacation consisting of three or more days off.
· Keep accurate, organized records.
· Maintain and develop educationally sound rubrics and apply them to the grading process.
· Demonstrate ability to record and submit timesheet on a regularly scheduled basis.
· Pursue professional development opportunities.
· Satisfy all continuing educational requirements as dictated by state teaching certification.
· Attend summer institutes sponsored by The College Board (AP teachers only).

Company Structure:
· The Teacher will report directly to the Program Manager and work closely with the Instructional staff.

To Apply, please send resume and teaching certification to jarnzen@kcdistancelearning.com

KC Distance Learning is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer

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Contact Person:

Jill Arnzen


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Mailing Address:

 830 NE Holladay Street




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