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Job Title:
Teachers for the 2011-2012 School Year

    Key Job Facts Posted: 11/10/2010
Specialty: Elementary,English,Mathematics,Science,Social Studies/Social Sciences,Special Education/Special Needs

Salary: Competitive
Location: New York, NY
Start Date: Immediately

    Job Details
What makes Harlem Village Academies different?

At Harlem Village Academies charter schools, we emphatically believe that excellent teachers are the most important element of excellent schools. Therefore, we have thoughtfully designed every aspect of our schools to support, develop, respect, and empower our teachers. We are people-driven, not program-driven — and the difference is profound. We’re not replicating a particular program; we are deliberately and carefully setting out to create an ideal environment and rich intellectual life for teachers. By building a system of schools designed for teachers, we ensure an excellent education for all children.

As a Harlem Village Academies teacher, you will . . .

Work with smart, passionate colleagues.
What teachers love most about Harlem Village Academies is how energizing it feels to work every day with like-minded colleagues — amazing teachers who are intelligent, professional, committed to children, and fun to work with!

Collaborate weekly to share best practices.
Perhaps the most exhilarating part of the Harlem Village Academies experience is working in teams to discuss each student's needs, develop new ideas, continuously improve instruction, and solve problems together.

Enjoy extensive professional support.
Every teacher at Harlem Village Academies is respected as a scholar. Teachers receive professional office space, computers, email, voicemail, administrative assistance, and off-site access to the school’s computer network.

Feel appreciated, empowered and respected.
Harlem Village Academies deeply values teachers’ ideas and empowers teachers to make important decisions about curriculum, lesson plans, and instructional methods. Teacher input is respected and feedback is encouraged. Our outstanding achievement results and programs have been created by our teachers!

Learn to become a leader.
The growth of the Harlem Village Academies network of schools provides exciting career growth opportunities for teachers, such as becoming a mentor teacher, grade team leader, dean or principal.

Experience Unparalleled Professional Development.
Every summer, teachers participate in our Summer Institute — an incredible learning experience featuring best practices sharing, collaborative lesson planning, and assessment analysis training. Throughout the year, teachers receive personalized instructional coaching and weekly professional development.

Feel the deep satisfaction of improving the lives of children in the Harlem community.
We serve children from low-performing school districts in Harlem. The academic gains achieved by our students are among the highest in the country. 100% of our 8th graders passed the New York State math exam, 100% passed science, and 100% passed social studies. Our mission is to develop students of fine character who graduate from college and make a positive contribution to society. Harlem Village Academies teachers are continuously improving their craft and building schools that are recognized as a national model for educational excellence.


Harlem Village Academies is hiring teachers for all subjects in grades 5 through 12 for the 2011-2012 school year.

• Develop and teach engaging, rigorous lessons
• Establish classroom routines and follow through consistently
• Develop effective lesson plans, materials, and assessments aligned with Harlem Village Academies standards
• With guidance, analyze assessment data and use data to develop tutoring plans and inform instruction
• Collaborate with colleagues to share best practices and ensure student mastery of standards
• Maintain close relationships with families, including phone calls and conferences
• Tutor those students needing extra help on a daily basis, and serve as an advisor to 12-15 students
• Minimum two years full-time classroom teaching experience, preferably in an urban setting
• Outstanding instructional skills, including the ability to motivate and challenge students
• Experience implementing guided and level reading instruction
• Demonstrated ability to create and maintain a warm, strict, orderly classroom environment
• Demonstrated expertise in subject area and demonstrated student achievement results
• A strong sense of personal accountability for student achievement
• A belief that all students can learn at a high level and should be held to high academic standards
• The ability to communicate effectively with parents
• The ability to work effectively with colleagues as a positive, professional member of a team

Interested candidates should review our website www.harlemvillageacademies.org to ensure their professional goals and educational philosophy align with Harlem Village Academies. Email your resume and a cover letter to Dan Bellino at teach@harlemvillage.org (candidates with less than two years of full-time teaching experience will not be considered, but we urge you to contact us after your second year of teaching).

    Contact Information

Contact Person:

Dan Bellino


Contact Methods:

646 812 9205




Mailing Address:

 2351 First Avenue, 4th Fl.

 New York



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