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BE THE FUTURE - Teach at Schools For The Future

    Key Job Facts Posted: 02/10/2012
Certification: multiple

Salary: Detroit Public School Rate
Location: detroit, MI
Start Date: Summer 2012

    Job Details

POSITION OPENINGS Full-time Teachers in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies


Schools for the Future (SFF) is a new kind of school. A school where people meet students where they’re at, ignite their hopes for the future, and give them tools to reach their full potential. SFF has five unique features:

• Fully performance-based advancement toward graduation that breaks with fixed time;
• Powerful blend of face-to-face and technology-enabled educational strategies;
• Acceptance of entering high school students regardless of reading and math skill levels;
• Anywhere/anytime learning using community resources and student laptops; and a
• Learning Management System that enables a fully data driven school.

SFF serves students who are about to enter high school and are two or more years behind chronologically, typically with low academic skills. Through SFF’s fully performance-based system, all students graduate college and career ready 3-5 years later. SFF’s model confronts challenges faced by traditional high schools. By extending the school day, engaging students in self-paced learning organized around their interests, and providing a set of supports that help young people manage the demands of life beyond the school building, SFF operates on three principles. First – Think Big! High aspirations for student achievement are modeled by teachers who push their own practice toward excellence. Second – You Own it! Students pursue personalized learning that fosters reflection and builds decision-making skills. SFF teachers model these skills and teach students how to evaluate and revise their own work. Third – 24/7! SFF students use mobile devices in and out of school to leverage learning tools, digital course materials, and access to experts – setting their own pace for advancing through course work. Teachers assist students in cultivating these critical 21st century skills, coaching students toward mastery of academic content and helping them hone broader youth development skills.

Schools for the Future will open its first charter school in Detroit, MI in September 2012. A national model (http://www.schools4future.org), SFF is partnering with Michigan Future and Black Family Development, Inc. At this exciting time in its evolution, SFF seeks to hire highly motivated teachers with subject and/or interdisciplinary teaching experience and/or certification.

Highly Qualified Teachers who join SFF will have a unique opportunity to foster learning beyond the confines of traditional school structures, including through student use of mobile devices. With an extended school day, longer class sessions, competency-based instruction, blended learning that enhances online instruction with teacher support, and creative, student-led projects, SFF demands teachers who are excited about exercising greater leadership, independence, and creativity in developing course work and engaging students.

Teachers who join SFF also will embrace the challenge of inspiring students who are over-aged as they enter 8th or 9th grade below grade level in reading and math, and overcoming difficult life circumstances. These young people will be given highly rigorous academic content and supported to advance at their own pace to earn a high school diploma and graduate ready for college and careers. All teachers will collaborate with youth development specialists to act as advise ors to a small number of students and must be able to create and manage a studentyouth-centered/ youth development environment.

At least sSix full-time teacher positions are available:
• 2 English Language Arts/ Reading – at least one with SPED certification
• 2 Math – at least one with SPED certification
• 1 Science
• 1 Social Studies – comfortable delivering interdisciplinary instruction

• Facilitate effective teaching and learning activities in the core subject enhanced by strategic use of technology during 75-minute course blocks. Classes, seminars, and learning lab (e.g., Read 180) generally range from 10-20 students and are staffed by two adults.
• Use the SFF curriculum framework built around 30-day modules to develop rigorous, personalized course content. Design of the modules can vary: traditional class, hybrid/online/F2F, smaller seminars, labs, online course work, tutoring/booster program.
• Co-facilitate one session each day with a youth development specialist and 10-14 students to cultivate a sense of community, help students develop a range of skills (e.g., efficacy, self-management), help students monitor their progress, and to assist students with individualized and group learning quests.
• Administer daily formative student assessments and analyze data with other teachers and staff to revise teaching and learning activities.
• Participate in an SFF orientation and professional development (PD) learning community. Orientation and training will require four (4) weeks of paid workshops in June/July and August 2012. Ongoing PD and coaching will occur throughout the year.

The ideal candidate
• Excels as an independent self-starter who takes the initiative to exercise leadership in implementing high quality classroom instruction, working collaboratively, and in promoting a positive school climate;
• Understands how to assess the learning needs of students using teacher made instruments that measure competencies identified by SFF;
• Demonstrates the ability to implement differentiated instruction – appropriately grouping students and tailoring teaching activities to meet each group’s learning needs;
• Demonstrates strong skills in integrating technology into the curriculum, including experience with software used by students to produce and manage assignments (e.g., GoogleDocs, Glogster, VoiceThread, etc.), and a willingness to learn how to use new online and mobile app tools in a “fast track” way;
• Possesses prior experience using online tools to manage course work (e.g., an active class web page or blog, use of a learning management system or online site like Edmodo);
• Demonstrates competency in utilizing literacy strategies and applying them to teaching & learning activities across the curriculum;
• Possesses experience working with students on developing and assessing learning portfolios and “authentic” products that are competency-based;
• Demonstrates team spirit and initiative to improve the quality of the decision-making process at the classroom and school levels;
• Understands the cognitive, , and psychological growth and maturational development of adolescents; and
• Gives and receives constructive feedback appropriately.

Bi-lingual fluency in Spanish or Haitian Creole and certification in special education is a plus but not required.

• Certification in the appropriate subject area; additional certification special education, ESOL, in and interdisciplinary instruction or experiential learning a plus
• At least two years of teachingteaching experience, preferably in multiple settings and styles, especially beyond the traditional classroom
• Strong curriculum technology integration experience, familiarity with a range of online class management and student production tools, and quick technology adoption skills. Familiarity with online learning management systems a plus.
• Familiarity with the basic concepts of positive adolescent youth development
• Experience working in diverse low-income communities, and sensitivity to/awareness of the needs of culturally diverse urban adolescents and families
• Excellent interpersonal communication and relationship-building skills
• Ability to work effectively as a member of a multidisciplinary team
• Familiarity with the Michigan Merit High School Graduation Requirements and with the Career and College Ready Common Core State Standards (CCR-CCSS) adopted by the Michigan State Board of Education as the new standards for K-12 Mathematics and English Language Arts (if applicable)
• Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree a plus.

40 hours per week for 40 weeks with an additional summer component. Teachers and other staff members must be available for four (4) weeks during the summer for paid orientation and training. Salary scale is based on that of Detroit Public Schools.

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Alice Thompson, CEO of Black Family Development, Inc., athompson@blackfamily.org.

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Alice Thompson


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 2995 East Grand Blvd




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